June 20, 2013

Homesick Already ♥

So I got back from good old Hawaii a week ago and it already feels like too long! Even though I'll be back in a few months for a wedding, I still have a hard time saying goodbye-for-now. Cried like a little baby--I blame the pregnancy hormones. Here are some highlights of my trip!

 Sister and niece
 Nephew getting that soccer ball!
 Sibling love
 Bro-in-law and nephew, so cute, yeah?
 Lanikai day with Nikki, Kari, and Mia!
 So glad Sister and her fam came to join us later in the day! 
[Isn't Mia the cutest baby ever?!]
 Sweet baby Calista and her mommy, Nadya, took me out to lunch! 
Yummmm... I've missed Thai food.
 Some of my very favorite people in the world. Thank you for coming out to see me!! :)
 Stylish Mia and Mommy ♥
 "Mia, whatever you do, DON'T TURN AROUND."
 An acai bowl after the beach is the best
 Ryan! Friends for more than a decade already, and my always-down party partner since before I should have been clubbing! Seriously, such a sweet and loyal friend--always there to help and listen, and to call me out for bad behavior. Plus, so much fun! So good to finally catch up! :)
 Getting some "Erin time" on the beach with a good book [Beautiful Ruins  by Jess Walter]
 My super fun lady date with Trishee! Ooooh, we had the BEST brown sugar-glazed garlic bacon! I don't even LIKE bacon (I'm one of those weirdos).
 They're up-to-no-good mischief-makers.
 Night out with these beauties ♥
 At Tanner's soccer game with my first-and-forever BFF :)
 Brady and Nikki
 Brady is the cutest little lovebug!
 Some of my best boys since high school and the bestie
 Group pic! Thanks for having us over, Enright ohana! So much fun!!! And the food was amazing!
 Spaghetti night at Sister's house with all the girls + their clan of adorable munchkins
 Lunch with the Lee ohana ♥ Got to finally meet baby Olivia and ask a million new parent questions
[love the Bugaboo stroller!]
 Day at the aquarium with my family ♥
 These kiddos ♥ They're the BEST
 Dinner at Momma's house afterwards
 Next day at the pool

In summary: I am a lucky, lucky girl! Thank you to everyone who made time to see me! And if we couldn't meet up for some reason, I'll be back in August! Momma and family, thank you for everything! Miss you already like crazy! ♥

Spent this past weekend with our dear friends, Dan and Alani (who wed last year, click here for pics) at Oak Island just soaking up some sun! It was just what I needed after Europe, Cabo, and Hawaii :) Teehee. I know I sound ridiculous saying so, but dang, being on vacation is exhausting. LOL. (Love my life!)

 At one of our fave spots in Southport, Provision Company right on the pier
 Brett's first Father's Day card, found here
 That's better
 20 weeks
Had so much fun with this girl!

One more week before my hospital rotation starts and summer vacay comes to an end. I can't believe how fast these past two months have flown by! My last summer off is almost pau! 

It's been a rad one.

Thanks as always for reading! Next blog post: the gender reveal! Not new news to a lot of you, since we're not good at keeping secrets, but it'll be cute, I promise :)

Have a wonderful rest of the week! ♥

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