July 4, 2013

My Mommy-to-be Must-Haves

  •  Mama Mio's Tummy Rub Oil: Ah, the dreaded stretch mark! This oil (there's a butter version, too) gets top scores for reliance, but I'm sure they're all good--although most experts say there's absolutely nothing you can do to prevent those tiger stripes. Mama Mio's smells good, too, and is a relaxing ritual before bed--although be careful, the oil can stain!
  • Ingrid & Isabel's Bella Band: The first items I was unable to wear were my favorite jeans but this little doo-dad makes it possible for me to wear all my pre-pregnancy pants! This is especially helpful for work and school since we have a business casual dress code. 
  • H&M Maternity Line: The only maternity line that I can get excited about. The jeans actually fit and most of the clothes aren't all boring basics. My sister spoiled me with clothes from the Motherhood Maternity line for my birthday, and I love them! But H&M is more in my budget. I also window shop at TopShop Maternity and ASOS. If only money grew on trees...
  • Happy Haleiwa bottle: My BFF got me this awesome mug bottle that keeps drinks warm or cold for hours and hours. I can literally put some iced water in it at 6 am and there will be ice cubes in it all day long. I used to never drink water, but now I'm thirsty 24/7 and drink about 8-10 mugs a day. Did you know a preg's blood volume increases by 40%? So cray. 

  • Tracy Anderson's Pregnancy Project: 9 DVDs for the 9 months of pregnancy, and she's pregnant too! These work out your arms, legs, butt, and even some ab work. All you need is a mat, 3 lb weights, and a hand towel. Each month corresponds to which muscles should be working (and not working) and differ in levels of strenuousness. Love them.

  • Jennifer Wolfe's Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga: I have only done the 45 minute practice once and it worked me. I was so tired I had to stop toward the end. Much better than the other too-slow DVDs I tried before. I'll def give it another shot this week. Doing any yoga is great for stress-relief, stretching (my body is so stiff and tired everyday, and yoga wakes it up), and a bit of sweat.

  • Baby Bargains: This book rates the latest cribs, strollers, car seats, nursery furniture, etc. so you can shop smarter. We made sure we took this book with us when we did our registry!

  • WeeSpring: I haven't used this much since I don't have any friends on it (super sad, pouty face!) so Mommies out there, please join and friend me! Give me recommendations! The most helpful suggestions have been from my fellow mommy-and-daddy-friends so thank you all for your recommendations! BUT I would love it to just hop online to look up which baby food maker you use, too. So go do it. Kthanksbai.

  • Sprout App for iPhone: Speaking of techie stuff, I use the following three apps every day! They keep track of your little one's progress, and this one even has tools like MD Visit Planner, Weight Tracker, and lots of lists to check off! One of my favorite uses of this app is the timeline which tells you by week what's going on with you, at the next doctor appointment, and with your baby. It's a quick way to plan your life at a glance.

  •  BabyBump app: Super informative by day AND week, plus keeps your baby bump progression photos cataloged for you. 

  • WebMD Pregnancy App: Great articles and more information about your developing baby and body by week. There's also a journal function, but I don't use it.
Of course my #1 Must-Have is other Mommies! You guys are seriously an endless source of information! Thank you girls for all your help! And, readers, what are some of your pregnancy must-haves?

As far as the first trimester goes, I did get a lot of morning sickness, and some people would recommend candied ginger, Preggie Pops, ginger ale and crackers, etc. but for me, NOTHING worked. So I didn't include any of those thangs on this list. 

Well, I hope y'all are having a wonderful Fourth of July weekend! I started my intro hospital rotation this week and it is very exciting! Although we don't get a four-day weekend, we do get to relax today before returning to work tomorrow.

Husband and I are going to Charleston, SC this weekend to visit Brett's BFF and his fam, what are you all up to? 

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