July 17, 2013

Seattle Love

I have a special place in my heart for Seattle. It's where I lived for three years, made amazing friends, spent beautiful summers, had crazy memorable misadventures...and of course it's where I met and fell in love with Husband.

So when a good friend of mine asked me for Seattle recommendations, a ton of spots--both sentimental and just plain awesome--popped into mind. Since that was not the first time (or even the second, or third, but possibly the tenth!) I've been asked this question, I decided to write up a little post about my favorite places in Seattle. Here goes!

[all pics from Yelp]
Top place: Paseo's Cuban Sandwiches (locations in Fremont and Ballard). I dream about these sandwiches. I miss this place more than anything else about Seattle! Okay, fine, I miss my friends, but this is a close second ;) There's always a line so it's best to call ahead to place your order (the menu is online) and then cut to the front to pay and pick up. During the summer, they might sell out before three, so go for lunch and take your sammie to Golden Gardens for a picnic. Perfect afternoon.

Black Bottle

For tapas and drinks: Black Bottle (Belltown). Here's what to order: the smoked chicken and sun-dried cherry flatbread pizza, the blasted broccoli, and the kim chee pork belly. Oh, and actually anything else on the menu, it's all good. Super laid-back but date night-y atmosphere.
Also good for small plates: Spur Gastropub (Belltown)

Ray's 11/08

For the view: Ray's Boathouse (Ballard). The food is pretty good, but you're not really there for the food, to be honest. On a sunny day, grab a patio table and take in the beautiful Puget Sound. So pretty and relaxing. Apparently, there's been a renovation, so it's even better!
Other fun outdoor patio places: Ivars (Wallingford location), The Pink Door (Pike's Place), Poquitos (Capital Hill), Terra Plata (Capital Hill), and Shelter (Ballard).

For Korean: both the fancy food of Revel (Fremont) and comforting food at Kim Chee Bistro (Capital Hill) are yummy
For Japanese: a lot of people like the trendy and chic Umi but I still prefer the clean and simple Shiro's (both located in Belltown)
For Indian: Cedars (U-district)
For pizza: Serious Pie (downtown)
For Mexican: La Carta de Oaxaca (Ballard)
For beer: Brouwers (Fremont) great outdoor seating too! This is where Brett and I had brunch early in our relationship and he came up with the brilliant idea to have a beer pong Sunday Funday!
For fun: King's Hardware (Ballard), then bar hop afterwards. Belltown used to be fun, but who knows now anymore. I would go to Capital Hill (start at Sun Liquor) and Lake Union (Brave Horse) to bar hop nowadays too, I think.
For the speak-easy crowd: Bathtub Gin (Belltown), Tavern Law (Cap Hill)
For a cute brunch: Volunteer Park Cafe (Cap Hill), Portage Bay (U-district, downtown), Oddfellows (Cap Hill)

Special shout-out to Amber Lounge for hiring me and being the best "singles" bar which brought in the very rambunctious group of Brett and his friends every weekend. If it weren't for this place, my life would be very different.

Restaurants I haven't tried but I hear are amazing: The Walrus and the Carpenter (Ballard), The Blind Pig (Eastlake), Matt's in the Market (Pike's Place).



Mariner's baseball game! The bars around Safeco Field are fun to hit up before and afterward too! Sooo much fun had at these games with my crazy peoples. I don't even remember the actual baseball game, it's all about the friends, bad food, and beer ;) Seahawks games are fun, too, but usually too cold/cloudy/rainy to enjoy as much. Oh, and there's also the Sounders games. I found that baseball games are the funnest.

As for nearby bars, gotta suggest Cowgirls, Inc since it is a hoot and they let us shoot these pics there.

Ballard Locks: if you're lucky, you can see the salmon run as well as boats go in and out. It's pretty cool. Go to Paseo's afterwards.

Camp and float down Yakima River. I'm really having a blast, I promise.

See a show! The music scene in Seattle is so lively--take advantage of it! All of my favorite shows EVER have occurred in Seattle! From big concert venues like Key Arena to smaller ones (mo bettah) like Showbox, Triple Door, Paramount, Crocodile, and Neumos, there's always someone to go see. I miss that.

Take a road trip to Portland or Vancouver--use Yelp to find restaurants, it's pretty reliable.

Go wine-tasting. Apparently there's a lot of fab wineries around Seattle, but I've never been (Brett doesn't drink wine, boo!).

Space Needle, I guess. Kind of expensive, and only really worth it if it's a clear day (good luck with that!).

Pike's Place, duh. Flowers, fish, knick-knacks, ghosts, gum wall, chowder. Go get some.

Which brings us full circle to the opening picture of this post. Whew! I think that's enough recs, what do you think? I'm sure I'm missing a ton of things, but my brain hurts and now I want a Paseo's sandwich so I can't think straight. 

Thanks for reading--this post is LONG! Lol. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! 

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  1. Hmm well looks like I will put seattle on my travel list!


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