July 20, 2013

Six Month Update: Baby Wonder

So cute!
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Presently waddling my way through the sixth month of this pregnancy and falling more in love with Shoebaby everyday! He is now actively kicking and stretching and keeping me up all night! He even had his first case of the hiccups last week--Brett and I sat in awe for five minutes just watching him "pop" over and over. What a cutie pie!

Sorry--I'll try not to keep posting about this kid, but he makes me so happy and excited! We're going to start on the nursery this weekend and already have pretty much all the furniture and decor stuff. I can't wait to show you pics!

Wonder what he'll be like? If his physical activity in-tummy is any indication of his future personality, he'll surely be a feisty fella. Will he look like little boy Brett? (Oh, I hope so, he was so adorable!) Which personality traits will he get from us? We can't wait to meet him!

Here's Husband and I when we were little:

See what I mean about Brett being the cutest little ever? Hmmmm...What happens when you combine these genes? Oh, and yeah, that ballerina lamb pic is totally rad. My momma still has that costume!

We got the breast pump in the mail this week and I sat in on the counter and stared at it. We own a breast pump. How weird. Note to future mommies: Brett's medical insurance covered the whole thing, so make sure you look into that before you register for or buy one!

Busy busy weekend of domestic duties. I hope you all are having a fun one!

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