August 4, 2013

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

Thank you to everyone who came to my beautiful baby shower today! Special HUGE thank you to my Momma, Sister, and besties Nikki and Kari for planning and putting it together. It was so amazing and thoughtful, full of the sweetest details! Shoebaby is way too spoiled already!

 Where the Wild Things Are theme--so cute!

 My Momma's friend, Samantha, made the cupcakes! So adorbs!

 My extremely talented BFF Nikki made all the printed decor--I am so impressed! She'll be opening an Etsy store soon so I will for sure keep y'all posted!

 Love these WTWTA quotes!

 Some of my family ♥

 My adoptive family!

 My Momma's BFF's from her high school days! And my kalabash cousin, Rayna, too :)

 One of my favorite little Wild Things, Kaitie cat 

 My helper

 Nikki made these too! She is so impressive!

 Why do I have giant diapers?
I'll tell you why: My Great-Auntie Jean saved these from when I was two and came over to her house the first time she looked after me all day. I decided I didn't want to use diapers anymore so she potty-trained me in one day! And she saved them, 30 years later! How sweet is that?! LOVE!!!

Oh, and they're giant because "There weren't elasticized diapers in the 80's." I thought they were Depends at first.

 These are from you and Mommy, Kaitlin! Thank you! 

 The best friends.

 The pretty bride-to-be! One more week!

Games we played: Name the celebrity baby and parents (after being shown a picture of the kid), Name that baby book (there were funny clues), and "Who does Erin hope the baby will take after, Mommy or Daddy?" (with a list of attributes, for example: sense of humor - Mommy, duh; temperament - Daddy, definitely). So much fun! Thanks, Sister!

Thank you so much family and friends! I really am such a lucky girl to have all these wonderful peeps in my life! You all make me so happy to know how loved and blessed our littlest Shoe is already. Love you guys!

Tomorrow is Christine's bridal shower and her wedding is next week! So eggs!

Have a fab weekend and thanks for reading!


  1. ahhh what a fabulous fabulous theme!!! Lucky lady & baby!!! Love all the little cupcakes. So cute!!


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