January 16, 2014

Caleb's Birth Story

Caleb Kalani was born on November 7th, 2013 at 4:00 am. He weighed 8 lb. 3 oz. and measured 21 inches in length!

But this is old news. Apologies for being away for two months--life has been... a circus. I want to write down Caleb's birth story before it gets too hazy--it's already pretty much a blur as is. Here's my shoddy attempt at recollection. Husband, please feel free to correct any errors. 

Wednesday, November 6th @ 7:00 am: We check into the hospital for our scheduled induction. I'm only a week overdue but we decided to go ahead and induce. This was not in my birth plan, but I still intended to try to have as natural a labor as possible otherwise.

8:00 am: The pitocin drip starts. We walk around the hallways and chitchat the nurses. They say "Oh, she's still smiling, the pitocin must not have kicked in yet." So true.

9:00 am: My doctor breaks my water. There's a LOT of water. It's pretty gross and basically I sat on a pile of towels for about an hour. I was a little surprised that they broke my water so early in the day, but I guess I was on board for speeding up the labor. We were both so excited to meet our little boy.

10:30 am: Contractions start. They feel like really intense menstrual cramps. We're still walking the halls and I just need to stop and breathe during them. Not too bad yet, though.

2:30 pm: Contractions are getting pretty rough so we decide to get into the tub. Soaking in warm water took the edge off a little.

5:00 pm: Contractions are about 90 seconds long and 60 seconds apart so basically right on top of each other. I have been absolutely still and silent (just loud breathing, some moaning and a few choice curse words) for the last two hours, focusing on the 4D ultrasound pictures of Caleb. Brett is very worried (it's just the two of us plus nurses in-and-out of the room). I'm about 6 cm dilated by this time. Finally I cave and ask for the epidural. Brett asks if I'm sure since I definitely didn't want one when we discussed the birth plan and the look I gave him was enough to send him looking for the nurse to let her know we needed the anesthesiologist, stat.

**Side note: my labor nurse had to leave for an hour or two (another patient's c-section) and her substitute nurse dialed up my pitocin to some crazy amount. So much so that when my original nurse came back, she was pretty upset.

6:00 pm: Aaaaaah. Sweet relief. When the anesthesiologist showed up, it was like the heavens opened and here was my angel--I'm pretty sure he was accompanied by music. He quickly swabbed my back and placed the tiny tube into my epidural space. They waited until I was between contractions and it didn't hurt too badly. Contractions = gone. Me = overjoyed. Brett = exhausted. He took a nap.

6:30 pm-12:00 am (Now Thursday, November 7th): We rested. We watched the contraction monitors. At around 10 pm I started feeling like I had to poop really really badly. I was dilating pretty steadily and my body was getting ready to push. It's pretty unbearable to feel like you have to poop but can't and holding it in. I was more than ready to get this pushing party started.

1:00-3:00 am: Pushing. Pushing. Getting red in the face. We probably tried about 10 different positions. Baby's head was just not budging and I was exhausted. Then I started getting a fever. When you break your water so early in the day and have periodic cervix checks and other things going on, infections are not uncommon. Doctor made the decision to have a c-section.

3:00-4:00 am: The Cesarean section. I don't remember a lot except that I was cold and shaking uncontrollably. At one point I was nauseous so some guy put smelly things under my nose which helped. Brett sat next to me and talked me through everything. When it was time to pull him out, there was some pretty violent pulling and my body was rocked back and forth. I could feel the tugging, but it wasn't sore, more like pressure.

4:00 am on the dot! Finally (FINALLY!) we heard a weak little scream and then silence. And then a LOUD scream. I was so proud when they told Brett to look over the curtain, he did and he saw our son right after he was born! Brett is really queasy when it comes to doctors and procedures and such. He then went to watch Caleb be cleaned up and get his Apgar tests. He would run over and keep me updated ("He scored a 9 on the Apgar!" "He has a birthmark!" "He's 8 pounds 3 ounces!" "He's beautiful!"). Then he brought Caleb over to me and I got to see him for the first time! Love at first sight. While I was getting sewn up, Brett and Caleb went to the nursery for his vitamin K shot and eye ointment.

I was taken back to the labor room for a little while before being transferred to a real room to recover for 3.5 days. Caleb was so beautiful and tiny. I can't explain the rush of emotions--excitement, relief, trepidation, joy, anxiety, LOVE. Cheesy but so true: his birthday was the happiest day of my life! All I wanted to do was hold him and look at him.

 With Grandpa Shoe--sad we don't have one with Grandmama Shoe too! I'll post some from over the holidays in my next post.

 With Grammy

Poor baby had to get some IV antibiotics too, in case my infection spread to him. That's the IV sticking out from his hand. I was so glad when we could remove it after 48 hours.

 With Auntie Kim and Uncle Casey

Those first few days and nights in the hospital were a blur. The nurses were amazing and taught us a LOT. We didn't sleep much--that first night, Brett and I literally slow-danced with Caleb to make him fall asleep and in retrospect it's a sweet little memory, but at the time, I was a wreck.

The cut in my abdomen scared me too. I didn't want to laugh too hard, so it was "rough" having my mom and sister there--they make me laugh so darn easily. It hurt and it's scary and the nurses make you move around a bunch pretty early on (by Thursday night, I was doing two laps around the halls with my nurse, Annie, who was incredible by the way). It took about three weeks before I could say it didn't hurt anymore. Two months later, the scar is healed pretty nicely and although I hope I can have a natural childbirth with our future kids, I know what a c-section is like and I guess it's not that bad. I hope I don't have to have another one, though.

More pictures!

 With Auntie Kristin

 Caught my two boys passed out; like father like son.

 Sunday, time to go home!

 Wednesday, back to school! Pharmacy school doesn't play.
Oh but he's so worth it!

Well that's it! He's two months old now--I can't believe how quickly time flew by! More mommy stories to come when I find the time to write more posts! So much to say, so little time. There really aren't enough hours in the day, for reals.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week! Hug your loved ones :)

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  1. What a cutie!!! I know what you mean by everything being a blur and even the first months being a blur!


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