August 23, 2014

Family Portraits in Hawaii!

Hey guys! It's been awhile! My one month off in July just came and went! We spent about 2.5 weeks of it in Hawaii with my family and I have to say it was the most perfect vacation I have ever had. It was the best balance of friends, family, hubby, baby, daytime activities, nighttime activities, play, and relaxation that I could ever imagine. Truly, with spending quality time with all my loved ones to having everyone meet the baby, and gorging myself on all the food I've missed, it was just an amazing time.

Don't ask how I handled leaving. Let's just say I was sad for... well I guess I'm still sad and homesick.

Anyway, while we were home (because Hawaii will always be home to me), we were lucky again to have Mister John Hook take some pics, this time just the three of us. He even brought his own surfboard so we could use it as a prop! We met up on this beautiful afternoon at Waimea Beach on Oahu's North Shore and had the best time! Thanks again, John!

[Here's a link to the other pics John took for us back in December 2012]

We are so happy that our little guy loves the water and beach bumming as much as we do! He really is our little water baby! I hope y'all are enjoying your weekend! Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. Such a beautiful family <3 <3 <3
    Photos are so so gorgeous!! Makes me miss you, Erin & Brett…and of course little Caleb, the cutest little bundle of joy! aaaah how I love this little munchkin!! My favorite is the one where he's on the surfboard. So freaking adorable. :)


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