February 27, 2015

Shoes Escape to Cayman!

Hey there! It's been a few, huh? Well, we have been busy busy busy! Just got back from a quick weekend in DC followed by a quick jaunt to Grand Cayman island in the Caribbean. It was amazing! Minus the bout of stomach flu I picked up for a few days--felt JUST like morning sickness, but was not. It did scare me enough to make darn sure! Anyway, here are some pics!

 Sightseeing obviously thrilled the little guy.

 Baby sea turtles!

 Wanted nothing to do with them

 "I'm not so sure I want to pick one up." That's exactly what I'm saying.

 Okay, I'll try. They're fast little suckers.

 Got one!

 Brett to the father of a nearby toddler girl: Sorry my kid is creeping on your kid.
Caleb was staring hard.

 What? So?

 Adult sea turtles in the breeding pool. "What are they doing?!"

 Gorgeous sunset with my two monkeys

 Caleb was determined to get as much sand in as many crevices as possible.

 Messy hair don't care mommy and baby selfie

 My view was pretty sweet. See those two cute boys down there? Mine.

 Last day at the beach playing with this goofball.

  Keep your kids out of the sun, y'all.

 One of MANY family naps. 

 Last sunset, just the boo and I. He's pointing at the moon!

Such a fun vacation! I absolutely love spending time with my two boys--stomach flu or not. Brett spent a lot of solo time with Caleb while I rested in the hotel room and for that I am extremely grateful! Daddy Daycare at its finest.

We weren't able to make it to Stingray City like we wanted but we'll do it one day!

Caleb's getting ready for our next trip in May!

Thanks for reading, y'all! Have a wonderful weekend! ♥

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