About Me

Aloha! My name is Erin and I am:
  • Happily married to the Best Dude Ever since August 2011
  • A pharmacy school student (class of 2015!)
  • Currently living in North Carolina, by way of Seattle and Hawaii (HI born and raised!)
  • Blessed with a wonderful, supportive, hilarious, and loving group of fam and BFFs
  • A retired bartender and all-around night owl
  • Daydreaming about: traveling to Africa and New Zealand, shopping all day long, a big house full of our hapa babies, going to a three-day outdoor music festival, watching Harry Potter, LOTR, and Sex and the City marathons, reading a big fat book under our fluffy white covers, something sparkly, my next spa day, organizing our closet and junk drawer, getting to work as your neighborhood pharmacist 
  • Always chasing our next Misadventure!
My vices include: eating out, sharing a plethora of little plates of food while "talking story" with friends and fam, martinis (during nights out), wine (with dinner), beer (on a sunny patio), the Real Housewives of All of them, sci-fi and fantasy books (nerdy and weird, I know), online shopping, watching entire seasons of TV shows with Husband in one weekend, traveling to all four corners, making lists (as evident here), Pinteresting, Instagramming, FBing, and other basic strategies of procrastination.

This blog documents all of this awesomeness. Thank you for stopping by!

My beautiful ohana
PC: John Hook Photography

Link to my official Blogger profile here

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful family picture! Everyone looks so happy :)
    If you don't mind me asking, are you of Japanese ancestry or somewhere from Asia?


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