♥ Boy Meets Girl

From Misadventure Number One

I met the Love of my Life at a bar. I never thought I would ever say that.

I was his bartender and he was my very persistent, very funny, very charming regular patron, who would come in once, twice, sometimes three times a week! After turning down an exhausting number of offers to hang out "on the other side of the bar," (which never came with lessened enthusiasm or zest much to Husband's credit), I finally caved and agreed. So began our lifetime of misadventures together--so called because our dates and ideas never go according to plan. But isn't the messiness and unpredictability the best parts of life?

Here's a peek at our first few years together, a.k.a. The Courting Phase. This boy knows how to sweep a girl off her feet!

Our Love Story 

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